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Buyer Services

Small family looking to buy a homeThroughout the purchase process, your buyer agent will serve as a reliable, straightforward advocate, who will strive to help you achieve your goals.

You can count on your buyer agent to:

  • Clearly explain and manage the purchase process.
  • Structure the purchase process to meet YOUR needs, and accommodate YOUR schedule.
  • Keep you upraised as to local market conditions.
  • Locate properties that meet your needs.
  • Set up private showings for properties that interest you, and research answers to any questions you may have about them.
  • Prepare a comparative market analysis of similar, nearby properties, that have sold recently; in order to help you determine the right amount to offer for the property that interests you.
  • Prepare an offer specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, and protect your best interests.
  • Negotiate with the listing agent (and/or seller) on your behalf, in order to get you the best possible result.
  • Connect you to, and coordinate with, other industry professionals (i.e. home inspectors, loan officers, insurance agents, title agents, etc…).
  • Help you satisfy contingencies on time.
  • Schedule and attend your final walk through before closing.
  • Review the preliminary settlement statement; so there aren’t any surprises at closing.

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