AI at Home: Five Ways AI is Enhancing Smart Living

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  • 4 months ago
A homeowner configuring his smart device to control his home

The integration of AI in smart homes is revolutionizing our living experience. While voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant have been around for some time, new advancements are making smart home technologies more personalized and intuitive.

Aqara’s Home Copilot

At CES 2024, Aqara introduced the Home Copilot, a new chatbot interface for its app, powered by Gen-AI. This feature enhances user experiences by converting real-time data into actionable insights. Home Copilot can analyze usage patterns and suggest customized automations, understand natural language— how a person would talk conversationally—for configuring automations, and automates homes via simple voice and text instructions. It also features Aqara Insights for smart-home reports and energy-saving plans, supporting natural language queries and offering proactive assistance in over 10 languages.

Govee AI

Govee’s AI technology focuses on innovative lighting solutions. Its AI CogniGlow series is known for its intelligent color-matching capabilities and mood-based lighting scenes, offering an immersive and responsive smart-home lighting experience. Users can ask the app to create a scene based on their favorite sports team or a current event and it will automatically set appropriate colors. It can also react to a TV or computer game to light up the celebration when your team scores or you win the game.

Samsung’s AI Family Hub

Samsung’s AI Family Hub takes the smart fridge to the next level. It integrates AI to manage kitchen tasks, offers personalized family calendars and even suggests recipes based on the fridge’s contents. It also features enhanced voice recognition for hands-free control and can connect with other smart devices throughout the home via SmartThings or the new Matter standard.

Savant’s Natural Language Processing

On the luxury side, Savant’s AI technology integrates with Siri, allowing users to control their smart-home systems using natural language. This integration means users can manage their home environment, including lighting, temperature and entertainment systems, through simple voice commands in addition to the app and wall controls.

Smart AI Pillow & Mattress

DeRucci’s innovative T11 Pro Smart Mattress and the advanced anti-snore pillow promise to redefine the sleep experience. The T11 Pro Smart Mattress, recognized for its health and smart-home capabilities, employs AI sensors to monitor and adjust to individual health needs, ensuring optimal sleep. It tracks various parameters like body position, temperature and heart rate, and integrates with other devices for a comprehensive smart bedroom environment. The anti-snore pillow adjusts the head’s position, significantly reducing snoring. Additionally, the Intelligent Height Adjustable Pillow dynamically changes its height, enhancing neck support and overall sleep quality.

These advancements in AI-powered smart-home technology are making everyday life more convenient, energy-efficient and personalized. They cater to the needs of the average consumer by simplifying controls, automating routine tasks and offering tailored suggestions and insights. As these technologies evolve, we can expect our homes to become even more intuitive and responsive to our individual preferences and habits, further enhancing our living experience.

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