A woman looking at a financial document within the kitchen of her home

Homeowners Facing Hardship Get Mortgage Payment Leeway

Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unveiled a payment deferral option for homeowners...
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New house being constructed

Housing Starts Rose 3.2% in 2019

More single-family and multifamily homes are coming onto the market soon as new-home...
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An older man sitting in his home

97-Year-Olds Can Still Get a 30-Year Mortgage

Older Americans may not realize that they can still qualify for a mortgage, even though the...
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Graph representing the latest real estate bidding wars

Bidding Wars Hit a 10-Year Low

Good news for home buyers: Bidding wars are at the lowest point in a decade. But that could be...
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Image depicting home improvement

This Dreaded $8,000 Home Renovation Offers the Highest Return on Investment, According to Realtors

There’s one less reason to dread replacing your roof: It’s one of the few home renovation...
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Workers install roof trusses onto a new house in Arvada, Colorado July 10, 2017. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Don’t Be Fooled by New-Home Sales Plunge

Sales of newly built single-family homes dipped 12.8% in July, but homebuilders aren’t...
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Typical neighborhood from above

Federal Regulators Propose Expanding Digital Appraisals

Some lenders are turning to drones or a computer algorithm to appraise properties, and the...
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More Millennials Paying Mortgages Themselves: ‘We’ve Got This’

Over the past year, millennials have become less likely to need to ask their parents for...
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Mortgage rate averages as of July 19, 2019

Mortgage Rates Inch Up, But Buyers Are Still Getting Deals

After three weeks of mostly staying steady, average mortgage rates rose this week. However,...
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Open living room

Are Open Floor Plans Just Too Open?

The open floor plan has been a highly sought after layout among today’s home buyers, but...
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New-Home Construction Slows, But Builders Call the Numbers ‘Deceiving’

Builders added fewer homes to the pipeline in February, but the National Association of Home...
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A man completing an application

Higher Hurdle Set for Riskier FHA Applications

Tighter underwriting that the Federal Housing Administration announced March 14 for...
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