Two patches of grass shaped like footprints in the hardened mud

Looking to Cut Your Carbon Footprint? There’s an App For That

April 22 marks Earth Day and a new mobile app is showing homeowners how to track and reduce...
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a man and a woman stressed-out over their housing situation

Housing Affordability Is Stressing Out Buyers

High home prices and mortgage rates are serving as a wake-up call to potential home buyers...
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Graph showing that Americans are buying smaller homes than at the height of the pandemic

Downsizing Trend Taking Root as Home Prices Rise

Every square foot can count in pricing a home. As such, home buyers are purchasing smaller...
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$100 bills folded into the shape of a house resting on an outstretched human hand

Home Seller Profits Averaged $94K in 2021

Home sellers in 2021 may have been a little shocked at the profit they made selling their...
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An older and younger homeowner standing before their house

Owners Under 30 Want to Move, Seniors Want to Stay

Americans under the age of 30 are on the move. They’re buying, selling, and moving at high...
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Row of homes on a city street

Where Homeownership Has Grown the Most

Homeownership rates have fluctuated over the last several years, as the population of some...
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Senior couple posing in front of their home

Seniors: Buying a Home Is Smartest Financial Decision

Beyond the sentimental attachments that seniors have built for their homes, they also believe...
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Model toy house surrounded by piles of stacked coins

Home Sales Jump as Buyers Aim to Beat Rising Rates

Existing-home sales rebounded in September as buyers may have felt a sense of pressure as...
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President Biden giving a speech commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Commemorating MLK Memorial, NAR Vows a Fairer Future

The National Association of REALTORS® joined The Memorial Foundation this week to commemorate...
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Man and a woman inspecting a brand new washing machine

No Relief in Shortages of Appliances, Furniture

High demand for home products continues to cause supply chain disruptions throughout...
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Wildfire burning a local field

Wildfires May Reheat Lumber Prices

Dozens of raging wildfires in the West are threatening to send lumber prices soaring...
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A typical condo building

Condo Demand Rebounds After Pandemic Slowdown

Competition for condos is growing fierce, as most are selling above list price and in a record...
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